Robotiq wants to help you deploy cobot cells in less than 2 weeks!

If you are a manufacturer under pressure to increase capacity because of COVID-19, Robotiq has a multi-step solution to help you deploy cobot cells quickly.

To help businesses that have been identified as essential by the government, Robotiq wants to help manufacturers of medical equipment get started with cobots. As Samuel Bouchard, President of Robotiq, explains it, “These cells won’t be perfect, but they will work to increase your capacity. Until the crisis ends, we are committed to putting all of our resources behind those organizations working behind the scenes.”

Robotiq has narrowed it down to four steps to get started:
STEP 1: Watch this video


STEP 2. Evaluate your project feasibility by contacting MSI TEC.

You can also fill out Robotiq’s Blueprints and explain your process.

When you’re ready to move forward, you’ll follow these steps:

STEP 3: Design the cell

STEP 4: Integrate the cell

You can read more about these steps on Robotiq’s website here or contact an MSI TEC Robotics Engineer.

Keys to Success:

Here are the keys to success that Robotiq has developed to deploy cobots in 2 weeks.

  1. Start simple. Identify the right application.
  2. Keep it simple. Stick to the must-haves, avoiding nice-to-haves and feature creep. Get the cell in production ASAP and improve from there.
  3. Standardize. Use standard plug-and-play components as building blocks to accelerate your project.
  4. Start with the manual task. Capture all relevant info from the current manual task before jumping into the cobot cell design.
  5. De-risk the design early. Stress-test your design before you commit to it, to avoid unpleasant surprises in the Integrate phase.
  6. Eliminate Delays. Eliminating delays and other types of waste will get you to a productive robot cell ASAP. This is the essence of lean robotics, which becomes even more crucial when you need to deploy the cell in two weeks.


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