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In the race to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, renewable energy adoption is surging. Within the next three years, around 98% of new power generation is projected to be from renewables, driving a transformative shift. However, the variability of renewables requires reliable solutions. Here, megawatt-level Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESSs) enter the energy landscape, offering quick responses and dependability. These systems reshape energy use by balancing energy supply and demand, stabilizing grids, preventing renewable energy waste, and encouraging innovation.

What is BESS?

BESS helps the grid stay stable by storing energy in batteries and distributing it when needed. It harnesses the advanced technologies of lithium-ion batteries, integrating them with renewable energy sources. The key elements of BESS are:

Battery Management System (BMS)

  • Battery monitoring & control
  • Raises alert when battery status is abnormal

Auxiliary System

  • Environmental conditions
  • Unauthorized access
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • HVAC

Power Conversion System (PCS)

  • Managing battery charging and discharging through EMS commands
  • AC/DC conversion

Energy Management System (EMS)

  • Controls power flow and monitors state of charge (SoC)
  • Remote monitoring and KPI management
  • Local and cloud-based data logging and management

Essential Criteria for BESS Industrial Cycles

In the ever-evolving landscape of the BESS industry, navigating the complexities of its life cycle is no small feat. Addressing talent shortages, time-to-market deadlines, and future-proof planning is crucial for industry leaders. These challenges necessitate a proactive approach to overcome the unpredictability of renewable energy resources and simplify energy management.

Let Us Help You Throughout the Entire BESS Life Cycle


Built for Harsh Environments

Our products undergo rigorous testing to meet industry demands for harsh environments.


Speeding Up Project Turnaround

We offer services worldwide, expertise in power communications, and tailored solutions.


Enabling Hassle-free Networking

We enable secure networks with smart monitoring tools for quick responses and managing multiple communications devices remotely.


Guaranteeing a Sustained Supply and Service

With a steadfast global presence, we assure long-term supply across 100+ countries, supporting a 20-year BESS life cycle.

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