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Simplified Manufacturing Automation

Vention cloud platform lets you design, automate, order and deploy automated equipment. Whether you’re looking to automate machine tending, assembly, or material handling, Vention can be used to quickly and simply create customized machines for you.

What is Vention?

Vention is a next-generation digital manufacturing platform dedicated to machine design. It provides a free web-based CAD loaded with modular and industrial parts that ship next-day.

Vention’s modular hardware system makes quick work of custom machine design & assembly. You can customize fixed and automated machines for a wide range of applications.

Every day, customers in the Vention community design custom machines for a broad range of applications. There are currently 500+ designs – all available publicly for anyone to use and modify.

Design your machine today. Receive it tomorrow.
  1. BUILD. Design in MachineBuilder™ 3D, Vention’s free user-friendly cloud CAD.
  2. ORDER. Get an instant quote with real-time pricing as you design. Review the BOM and pay with a credit card.
  3. RECEIVE. Get next-day delivery. Receive everything at once, all in clearly marked packaging and ready for assembly.
  4. ASSEMBLE. Do it yourself! Every Vention design requires just one tool and a single type of screw.

Simplified Machine Design for Everyone and Every Application

Design in 3D in your browser


Start your automation project with clear requirements and well-defined deliverables. Track compliance from design through to deployment.


The fastest and easiest way to design factory equipment. Use modular parts and smart design tools to create automated equipment and robot cells in minutes.

Jump start your factory automation

Ready to deploy designs

Choose from ready-to-deploy applications or create your own custom equipment from scratch.Professionally designed, validated equipment, ready when you need it.

Design from a template

Accelerate your design cycle by starting from a template, before tailoring it to suit your factory needs. Build your automated equipment from scratch, using a library of plug-&-play components.

Vention design dashboard

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Manufacturing automation for every application

One cloud platform to design, automate, order and deploy automated equipment. Design faster with out-of-the-box solutions.

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