Oriental Motor’s Virtual Showroom

Oriental Motor’s new virtual showroom is live! Now you can see all of Oriental Motor products in one place.

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oriental motor virtual-booth-front-view
Front view of showroom
Discover Solutions:
  • Positioning (Monitoring AZ Series stepper motors, PKP Series 2-Phase bipolar stepper motors)
  • Speed Control (Brushless DC motors)
  • Industrial Networks (Motor control via network communications)
  • Fixed Speed (AC motors and gear motors)
oriental motor virtual-booth-back-view
Back of view of showroom
Discover Solutions:
  • Robotics (AZ Series compact driver, EH Series electric gripper, Parallel robot demo)
  • AGV / AMR (Brushless DC motors, servers, gripper demo)
  • IP Rated Motors (Brushless DC motors, AC motors, Multi-axis pick & place demo)