Cut machine costs and boost customer satisfaction with the right sensors! Discover ways to design cost-effective and competitive machines.

Sensors play a significant role in every aspect of machine functionality and avoiding costly downtime. They cut machine building costs, improve flexibility and boost customer satisfaction. There are important considerations when deciding on the right sensor.

For some machine builders, price tag is the determining factor. But making decisions based on price can lead to a host of problems down the line that negatively affect machine performance and lower customer satisfaction. When choosing sensors, machine builders need to pick the right ones based on the needs of their customers.

Omron offers a wide variety of sensors that are optimized for high performance and exceptional longevity. They emphasize efficiency and resistance in challenging environments to ensure that your machines stand the test of the factory floor.

Omron sensors play a critical role in every aspect of machine functionality. With the right sensors, machines will have:

  • Greater longevity
  • Smaller footprint
  • More effective predictive maintenance.

Omron offers a wide range of sensor technologies for machine builders to consider when designing machines. Learn more about choosing sensors by diving into Omron’s Advanced Sensing Solutions for Cost-effective Machine Building whitepaper:  Download Whitepaper 


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