10 Advantages of Remote Access

The ability to remotely access a machine’s control system can help troubleshoot and resolve the majority of problems encountered, avoiding the need for technicians or engineers to travel to the site. These problems can often be solved not so much by fixing the machine but by adjusting its programming and parameters. Adjustments are generally required when raw materials change over time, machine wear or other production parameters which may have changed over time. Remote access is the essential first step to digitizing and using data.

Remote access allows you to transition from a responsive model to a proactive support model that helps you remain competitive. Once you are remotely connected to your machine, you can not only troubleshoot and intervene quickly, but also analyse the data for other purposes. For example, to:

  1. Improve responsiveness
  2. Reduce the impact of emergencies
  3. Optimize the workload of engineers
  4. Maximize machine availability and productivity
  5. Decrease travel costs
  6. Lower environmental impact
  7. Improve sustainability
  8. Minimize machine downtime
  9. Increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  10. Maximize safety

Timely resolution of issues reduces downtime and accelerates return to production. In cases where physical intervention at the site is still necessary, remote access can help ensure that the person traveling to the site has the right skills, machine parts and tools – increasing the chances of correcting the problem in one visit. All of these help improve the customer experience and reduce machine down times.

The pressures on industrial companies to adopt remote access strategies has intensified in recent years due to the Covid-19 crisis.
It is also clear that ecological, economic and societal aspects play an important role. Sustainability and environmental impact are becoming increasingly important so industrial remote access is an effective and secure way of meeting this objective, while minimizing costs and increasing equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Machine builders can take advantage of the opportunity offered by remote access to create new revenue-generating, proactive and preventive services that can be provided to their customers. Ultimately, remote access allows greater efficiency for everyone.

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