Making Barcode Reading and Machine Vision Solutions Easier to Use

Barcode reader in bottling plant
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Traceability is an essential component of clinical laboratory automation, and it depends heavily on the use of barcode reading and machine vision technologies. Inside automated testing equipment, these advanced technologies track specimens, check the cap color and fill level of tubes, and even manage the use and supply of test reagents.

Omron MicroHAWK

In order to incorporate barcode readers and machine vision-enabled cameras into testing machines, these devices need to be as compact as possible. Omron’s barcode readers – particularly those in the MicroHAWK family – have been miniaturized and optimized for integration into compact spaces. Omron also has a long history of partnership with manufacturers of clinical diagnostics equipment and has developed an expertise in integrating readers and machine vision systems into custom solutions for the laboratory. The ability to customize and provide a unique solution for every need is part of Omron’s DNA.

The MicroHAWK line is also incredibly easy to use. With the browser-based WebLink interface, these barcode readers read right out of the box with no software installation whatsoever. This “out-of-box experience” is a hallmark of an Omron solution, as Omron has even managed to make machine vision technologies such as its HAWK MV-4000 smart camera intuitive to the average user as well as to the expert.

MicroHAWK industrial barcode readers are an integral part of Omron’s overarching traceability solutions.

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