Bishop Wisecarver 7th Axis Solutions

Add extremely durable 7th axes and robot transfer units (RTUs) of any length to your automation project.

Robot positioning systems (7th axis or Robot Transfer Units) provide flexibility in manufacturing and industrial spaces. For example, they may allow one robot to reposition between work stations to do the work of several robots. They may also extend a robot’s working area without need for a larger arm. Sometimes, the transfer of units away from the operating zone permits safe movement of workers or large equipment.

These motion systems are common in aerospace, automotive, warehouse, and manufacturing applications. Both traditional and collaborative robots can benefit from Bishop-Wisecarver’s 7th axis motion solutions, regardless of their size.


Provide an extended work envelope for robots of small to medium size.* Cobots combined with BW 7th axis systems make it easier than ever to get automating!

LoPro® Linear Actuators

  • Motors mounts for ANY manufacturer motor or gearbox (including zero backlash coupler and mounting hardware)
  • Capable of inverted installation
  • Integrated aluminum T-slot beam or steel beam for easy, self-supported mounting
  • Vee guide wheels provide self-cleaning action for debris resistance in industrial automation settings
  • Available in corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • Equipped with belt, chain, ballscrew, or leadscrew drives, per application need
  • Additional linear guides can be mounted for enhanced moment load capacity


Support and transfer heavy industrial robots or those carrying high moment loads. Often, these systems perform critical operations in harsh or unforgiving environments. Unexpected downtime can spell disaster in terms of liability, productivity, and revenue. That is why Bishop-Wisecarver delivers reliable, long-lasting RTUs and 7th axis systems.

HepcoMotion HDS2 Heavy Duty Slide System

  • Long life systems, often requiring zero maintenance
  • 4 vee guide wheels can handle 68 kN (over 15,200 lbf)
  • Available as assembled systems (reducing design and installation time) or in component form
  • Vee guide wheels provide self-cleaning action for debris resistance in industrial automation settings
  • Available in corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • Unlimited transfer lengths (4 m track segments are easily butt-joinable and aligned in parallel without high precision requirements)
  • High driving force, low backlash rack drives (spur or helical)
  • Automatic lubrication options for pinion/rack and optionally for wheels/track; system can run dry (without lubrication) if required
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