Model: S8VK-T Omron Switch Mode Power Supply Product Category:

S8VK-T Omron Switch Mode Power Supply

Renewal of 400 V, 3-phase standard type. (except 960 W) 480 W feature PFC for lower input current and higher efficiency (93% typ.) than conventional products

Benefits of S8VK power supply:

  • Resistant in tough environments – Omron is confident that the quality of the S8VK will exceed your high expectations. Its robust design and construction withstand harsh environments and provide stable operation over a wide operating temperature range. Because of high MTBF figures, your S8VK will keep running in stable condition for a long term.
  • Easy and fast installation – The S8VK series not only offers you greater flexibility when designing your machine, it also saves you time and reduces costs thanks to the minimal wiring requirements and easy one-handed mounting provided by the enhanced DIN-rail mounting clip.
  • The most compact class on the market – Designed with space saving in mind, the S8VK series is our most compact power-supply range ever and the most compact class on today’s market.
  • Resistant in tough environments – Wherever the S8VK is installed within the range of the S8VK derating curve, it will give the same reliable performance for the duration of its service life. The S8VK also offers high resistance to the vibration transmitted by machinery in close proximity, this is due to the vibration-resistant DIN-rail mounting clip.
  • Easy and fast installation – Simply click onto a standard DIN rail using one hand to mount in a flash. Effortless and time saving! In addition, the S8VK features a double set of DC output terminals (three for the negative terminal), which means you also spend less time and effort on wiring.
  • Long-life guaranteed – Designed to international safety standards for global markets, the S8VK even has approvals for marine applications (S8VK-G/T/R) and carries an across-the-board, warranty on all models no matter which country your machine is exported to! Because of high MTBF figures, your S8VK will keep running in stable condition for a long term.
  • Designed with downsizing in mind – Omron knows that size is important for machine designers, which is why we have applied our developed technology using thermal simulation for the design of the S8VK. This enabled the S8VK compact size body. This gives a high power density in a compact package. And the S8VK has an even sleeker exterior than any previous models.
Weight 1.5 lbs