Robotiq Hand-E


Gripper included in UR e-Series Kit

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A UR kit includes all the accessories needed to operate your Robotiq product on Universal Robots.
The kit consists of a Robotiq product, 10-meter cable, converters, a mounting interface, and hardware required for the robot.

  • Gripper built for collaborative robots
  • Plug + Play and easy to program – no training required.
  • High accuracy and wide stroke
  • Ideal for precision assembly tasks
  • Durable for harsh manufacturing conditions and industrial applications

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Applications: Quality Testing, Assembly, Pick & Place, Machine Tending

Hand-E’s high accuracy and 50 mm parallel stroke make it perfect for precision assembly tasks, while its sealed design ensures reliability in the toughest manufacturing conditions—including CNC machining. Hand-E’s design adheres to ISO/TS 15066 standard best practices, with maximum force, rounded edges, self-locking functionalities, and other features making it the gripper for collaborative robots.

Easy to integrate, easy to use

Robotiq’s Hand-E Gripper is simple to integrate in your production environment and easy for workers of all skill levels to use—no robotics experience required.Install your adaptive gripper in just a few minutes, thanks to our Plug + Play gripper kits. Then use our intuitive software interface to program directly on your robot’s touchscreen. Increase productivity and improve your cycle time with a dual configuration, which lets you handle more objects at a time. The dual Hand-E configuration is the perfect way to keep your CNC machine fed, even when your operators are away.

Weight 5.0 lbs