NPort 6400/6600 Series


  • LCD panel for easy IP address configuration (standard temp. models)
  • Secure operation modes for Real COM, TCP Server, TCP Client, Pair Connection, Terminal, and Reverse Terminal
  • Nonstandard baudrates supported with high precision
  • Port buffers for storing serial data when the Ethernet is offline
  • Supports IPv6
  • Ethernet redundancy (STP/RSTP/Turbo Ring) with network module
  • Generic serial commands supported in Command-by-Command mode
  • Security features based on IEC 62443
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NPort 6610-8, NPort 6610-8-48V, NPort 6650-8, NPort 6610-16, NPort 6650-8-48V, NPort 6610-16-48V, NPort 6650-16, NPort 6650-16-48V, NPort 6650-8-HV-T, NPort 6650-16-T, NPort 6610-32, NPort 6650-16-HV-T, NPort 6650-8-T, NPort 6610-32-48V, NPort 6650-32, NPort 6650-32-HV-T, NPort 6650-32-48V