Lexium, Closed Loop, Programmable Motion Control, NEMA 34 – 85mm, 3Stack

The Lexium MDrive Motion Control is an integrated? motor + driver + programmable controller with numerous enhanced features for a complete motion control solution.? The LMDxM uses an isolated RS-422/485 communication interface with selectable BAUD rate ranging from 4.8 to 115 kilobits per second via a standard 9-pin D-subminiature connector. An optional USB to RS-422/485 Comm converter with cable is available and is compatible with all 32 and 64 bit operating systems.

Delivering smooth operation at low speeds:

  • Performance at high speed
  • High starting torque
  • Torque mode
  • Protection against over voltage and DC switching
  • Isolated communication and I/OLED status indicators

Closed loop hMTechnology

Closed loop hMTechnology blends stepper and servo motor benefits. Within the same compact integrated package, Lexium MDrive products with closed loop hMTechnology deliver enhanced motor performance including:

  • Lower energy consumption and cooler operating temperatures
  • Higher torque from smaller motors for economic efficiency
  • Real time closed-loop control, eliminating loss of synchronization
  • Lower cost option to servo motors in? performance range