CNC Machine Tending Kit

Model: CNC-ES-UR-KIT Product Category:

Kit for CNC machine tending applications for UR
e-Series Robots


Robotiq’s CNC Machine Tending Kit is optimized for CNC machining operations and makes simple automation fast and simple.
The kit includes everything you need in one kit:

IMPROVE CYCLE TIME WITH A DUAL HAND-E CONFIGURATION: Increase productivity and improve your cycle time with a dual configuration, which lets you handle more objects at a time.

MOVE YOUR ROBOT FROM ONE MACHINE TO ANOTHER FOR A FASTER ROI Machine Tending Copilot includes Force Copilot and Contact Offset, which lets you move your robot from one machine to another without having to reprogram it.

INCREASE PRECISION AND RELIABILITY WITH FORCE COPILOT: The Force Copilot helps you execute repeatable part positioning within a CNC fixture.

BUILT FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS AND HARSH ENVIRONMENTS: Hand-E and the Robotiq Wrist Camera have an IP rating of 67 and can withstand harsh industrial conditions,such as chips, cutting oil, and coolant.

PICK ANY PART WITH A CAMERA BUILT FOR UNIVERSAL ROBOTS: The new Visual Offset function on the Robotiq Wrist Camera lets you locate a tray of parts without any complex part presentation systems.

  • Dual Hand-E grippers with angled bracket (90°)
  • Fingertip starter kit with a fingertip extender for larger parts
  • Machine Tending Copilot including Force Copilot and Contact Offset
  • Robotiq Wrist Camera (optional) including the new Visual Offset function
Weight 10.0 lbs