New DS2020 Drive with Combitronic™ Capability

Moog Animatics’ new version of their DS2020 drive meets the high torque and power requirements of mechanical and electrical engineering design applications, while expanding standard drive capabilities with the ability to act as a follower device. The DS2020 Combitronic™ single-axis drive operates a Moog CD series motor, providing high-torque capabilities for large axes of motion and other demanding applications. The DS2020 Combitronic expands the standard DS2020 drive’s capabilities, allowing it to act as a follower device controlled by any SmartMotor™ on the Combitronic network. This allows the DS2020 Combitronic drive to fit and work seamlessly in your SmartMotor-based machines and applications, and allows you to use the familiar SMI software and AniBasic programming language to configure and program the entire system.

Advantages of the DS2020 include:

  • Three servo sizes: L50, L75 and L85
  • Combitronic technology is standard – allows control of the DS2020 drive as a SmartMotor™ follower
  • Significant space saving during installation
  • Personalized functionalities and highly flexible configurations
  • Quick, precise movements
  • Integral holding brakes

Moog Animatics DS2020 Combitronic™ Drive

Combitronic™ is a protocol that operates over a standard “CAN” (Controller Area Network) interface and was developed by Moog Animatics. It may coexist with either CANopen or DeviceNet™ protocols at the same time. Unlike these common protocols however, Combitronic™ requires no single dedicated master to operate. Each Integrated servo connected to the same network communicates on an equal footing, sharing all information, and therefore, sharing all processing resources. Combitronic communications operate over a standard “CAN” interface, the same basic hardware used in most automobiles as well as in familiar industrial networks such as CANopen and DeviceNet™. Unlike these common control networks, however, Combitronic has no master or slave.

Combitronic™ technology allows any SmartMotor™ servo’s program to read from, write to, or control any other SmartMotor or DS2020 Combitronic system simply by tagging a local variable or command with the other motor’s CAN address. All SmartMotor™ units become one multi-tasking, data-sharing system without writing a single line of communications code or requiring detailed knowledge of the CAN protocol. The only prerequisite is to have matched baud rates and unique addresses.

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