4-Axis SCARA Robots

The 4-axis SCARA robot is ideal for high-speed assembly, kitting, packaging, and other material-handling applications.

5 & 6 Axis Articulated Robots

Five- and six-axis articulating robots are more adaptable, and offer more flexibility than a SCARA. They still can be extremely fast.

Delta Robots

A delta robot is a parallel-link robot in which its major mechanical axes act on the robot faceplate in parallel. This allows for both quick and precise movements. Delta robots generally have the highest throughput of any robot type.

Robotic Automation Systems

These are fully engineered work cell solutions that include robots, process equipment, and safety equipment.  Because these cells are pre-engineered and pre-assembled, they are cost-effective, easy to set up, and east to operate.

Collaborative Robots

Power- and force-limited collaborative robots are designed to work next to people without additional safeguarding. They are generally intuitive to use, and easy to repurpose.

ur10 collaborative robot arm small
Grippers & End of Arm Tooling

Whether its suction cups, pneumatic grippers, or servo grippers, MSI Tec can help you define the best end-of- arm tool for your application!